What is myGenie?
myGenie is the best way to earn FREE airtime every day. myGenie lets you explore best apps, download them and earn airtime every time.
How do I register on myGenie?
myGenie App from Google Play Store and register with your mobile number.
Why have I not received the Validation Code SMS on my mobile?
Please verify if you have entered your correct mobile number and country. Due to congested networks, SMS may reach late. In case SMS did not reach within 30 minutes, try validating your number again. In case you still did not receive the SMS, please send us an email at support@mygenie.co
How do I earn free airtime?
‘Offers’ section of the App lists various Apps which can be installed. Install the Apps by following the instructions listed.
Can I refer a friend and earn free airtime?
Yes. Click on ‘Refer & Earn’ section of the App and you can refer a unique link to any of your friends who are connected with you on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google+, Viber, Email, SMS etc. Ensure that your friends click on the unique link they get from you to install and register on myGenie App. You will usually receive the credits for free airtime within 60 mins.
Why did not I get credits for free airtime after I installed an App?
You need to use a real Android device to receive free airtime credits. Please follow the instructions listed for each App offer. Wait for up to 24 hours for your myGenie account to be credited with free airtime. If you have not followed the instructions, or you have already installed or uninstalled this app multiple times in the past on the same device, you will not be given free airtime. In case none of these happened and if you haven’t got any free airtime in 24 hours, please send us an email at support@mygenie.co
Why did not I get credit for the friends I referred?
Ensure that your friends click on the unique link they get from you. When they click on the link, if prompted, ask them to open with Google Play and install myGenie. Your friend has to register on myGenie App and use it for at least 2 minutes. It will take up to 60 mins to receive the referral free airtime.
How do I redeem my airtime?
Go to ‘Recharge’ section of the App. If you have enough airtime to recharge, you can recharge your mobile.
Why can't I redeem my airtime?
If you do not have enough airtime to recharge, go to ‘Offers’ section and complete more App offers. Ensure that you have a prepaid mobile number registered with myGenie. In case your mobile operator is not listed, you will not be able to recharge your mobile. We constantly work to add new mobile operators, so we will have your operator available soon.
Can I gift mobile airtime to my friends or family members?
Yes you can. Go to ‘Recharge’ section and select ‘Others’. Enter the number manually or select your friend or family member from the Address Book. Select their mobile operator and the recharge amount to gift them free mobile airtime.
Why didn't I get airtime on my phone?
Airtime recharge usually happens within few minutes. Due to congested networks, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. Verify the mobile number and operator before attempting a recharge. In case it was incorrect, please try again.
Does myGenie support post-paid mobile numbers?
Currently No. We will let you know once we start supporting post-paid mobile numbers.
When will I receive new App offers?
We constantly add new App offers every day. Open myGenie App every day and earn free airtime by installing new Apps.
Why I don’t have any offers?
Offers change frequently and are sometimes limited in availability. We notify you whenever there are new offers. Open myGenie App every day to check for new App offers.
I have another issue with myGenie. How do I get it resolved?
You can go to ‘Support’ section of the App, fill in your correct mobile number and your query and send it to us. Our support team will get back to you at the earliest. You can also send us an email at support@mygenie.co with your query.
Why is my account blocked?
Your account could be blocked for several reasons such as switching phones frequently, fraudulent practices such as referral fraud, using a emulator, device ID reset etc. In case you did not do any of this, send us an email at support@mygenie.co with as much details as possible so that we review your appeal.